9 am - 1 pm


In this time of national and local reckoning with our country and state’s grim legacy of discrimination and hate, we have come together as a broad coalition of partner organizations and allies to create a virtual summit. A Community Call to Confront Hate is the culmination of a collaborative effort by several local area organizations that previously presented webinars on the history of discrimination and bigotry in Oregon.


We have witnessed a groundswell of people ready to stand in solidarity with those who are targets of discrimination and bigotry—people who are eager to listen, to learn, and to take action to make the Pacific Northwest a place that truly protects the lives, well-being, and dignity of all who live here. Participants will learn about implicit bias and have the opportunity to learn from breakout sessions that will deal with current issues around racism, antisemitism and other forms of hate. Most importantly, presenters will share their expertise on the strategies, resources and tools to help participants translate their commitment to social justice and equity into effective social action.

To learn more about the schedule and the presenters click HERE.


Eric Ward

A nationally-recognized expert on the relationship between authoritarian movements, hate violence, and preserving inclusive democracy, Eric brings over 30 years of leadership in community organizing and philanthropy to his roles as Western States Center’s Executive Director and Senior Fellow with Southern Poverty Law Center and Race Forward. Since Eric took the helm in 2017, Western States Center has become a national hub for innovative responses to white nationalism, antisemitism, and structural inequality, towards a world where everyone can live, love, work, and worship free from bigotry and fear.  

Sharon Gary-Smith

Sharon Gary-Smith is an Oregonian by birth, a second-generation racial and social justice activist and agitator. She became one of the youngest executive directors and few Black female leaders in the country at the age of 30. After her election in November 2020, in January 2021, she was installed as the president, NAACP Portland 1120-B branch, the largest in Oregon, and heads a Black-women led leadership team that won on a platform of accountability, integrity and transparency to achieve the NAACP’s continuing commitment to “the advancement of colored people,” with a special focus on achieving education, health, housing, economic and racial and social justice for African-American/Blacks that is long overdue.

Randy Blazak

Randy Blazak’s scholarship on hate crimes and hate groups has made him a regular commentator in media outlets from NPR and CNN to BBC and Al Jazeera. Blazak earned his PhD at Emory University in 1995 after completing an extensive field study of racist skinheads that included undercover observations and interviews across the world. He became a tenured sociology professor at Portland State University and taught criminology classes at the University of Oregon. Since 2002, he has been the chair of the Coalition Against Hate Crimes. He has worked with the National Institute of Justice and the Southern Poverty Law Center on hate crime research issues. He is currently the vice-chair of the steering committee in charge of implementing Oregon’s new bias crime law.

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