Opening Plenum: 9:00am-9:50am


Presented by: Bill de la Cruz    Topic: Stronger Together: Using Bias Awareness to Increase Critical Self-Reflection Practices for Seeing and Being our Most Authentic Self

Session One:  10am - 10:50am

            ORGANIZATION                     PRESENTED BY                          TOPIC

Coalition Against Hate Crimes Randy Blazak The Evolving Threat of White Nationalism 
Latino Network  Ana Muñoz Latinos Confronting Oppressive Systems in Oregon: A Discussion About the Intersectionality between Racism in our Institutions, Immigration Processes, Schools, and Beyond
Ximena Ospina-Todd
Antonio Ramirez Subira
Western States Center Megan Black How Conspiracy Theories Threaten Inclusive Democracy
Kate Bitz
Jewish Federation of Greater Portland Bob Horenstein The Mainstreaming of Antisemitism in America
Oregon Remembrance Project Taylor Stewart "How do you reconcile a lynching?"
NAYA Paul Lumley Racism, The Pandemic and Our Future
Jillene Joseph
Dani Ledexma
Natalyn Begay
Office of Equity and Human Rights, City of Portland

Judith Mowry
Yolanda Sanchez
Bill de la Cruz

Implicit Bias -Raising our Awareness
Portland Chinatown Museum Judy Lee  
Jackie Leung  Four Avenues to Stopping Asian Hate
Gloria Lee  

Session Two:  11am - 11:50am

          ORGANIZATION                                  PRESENTED BY                                TOPIC

Western States Center Adrienne van der Valk Confronting White Nationalism at Home, at School, and In Our
ADL of the Pacific Northwest Kendall Kosai From Holocaust Denial to QAnon: The Rise of Online Hate  
Ida B. Wells-Barnett High School Abe Kushner How to be an Ally: A Portland Youth Perspective  
Mia Sedory  
Yaniv Horenstein  
Celia Conner-Smith  
Ayesha Coning  
JAMO/Vanport Mosaic Jennifer Fang THIS america - This session will present and workshop some historic impacts
of anti Asian attitudes and laws by sharing a personal journey and impacts
"omitted stories" have in our understanding of American history.
Chisao Hata  
Reed College Tehniyat Naveed Uncovering Hidden Aspects of Islamophobia in Oregon and Beyond"  
PrideNW  Debra Porta Present Tense: Anti-Trans Backlash in 2021  
GLAPN Robin Will        
Office of Equity and Human Rights, City of Portland Judith Mowry
Bill de la Cruz 
Implicit Bias -Raising our Awareness      
Yolanda Sanchez    

Session Three:  12pm - 1pm

          ORGANIZATION                                   PRESENTED BY                                TOPIC

            Western States Center                            Erik K Ward, Executive Director                     Combatting Hate: The intersection of Racism and Antisemitism in the fight for an Inclusive Democracy