United in Spirit

Our Message and Purpose


United in Spirit is a broad-based nonpartisan coalition of cultural, and religious organizations. 

We are united as people of Good Will, bound together by Friendship and Respect.

We represent organizations of diverse faiths, ethnicities, socioeconomic levels, and political persuasions: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Black, Brown, White, Latino, Native American; newcomers and lifelong Portlanders.

We are people who care deeply about Portland.  We are concerned about our fellow citizens who provide services to the marginalized, who own businesses that hire people, creating jobs that enable them to provide for their families, while offering services to the Portland Metro area and to Rose City visitors.

We are concerned for workers and their families, and for the business owners who can no longer work safely nor operate their businesses in Portland because of nightly violence and destruction of property.

We understand that change needs to occur in the city, and we affirm the right of those who peacefully protest in the face of racial injustice. However, change will not happen if violence and destruction continue.  Violence and destruction will only bring more of the same.

We seek to UNDERSTAND, and then to be UNDERSTOOD. 

  • We want to UNDERSTAND the plan and approach that, as leaders, you are advancing to stop the violence and destruction of property.
  • We want to UNDERSTAND how, as leaders, you will instill confidence in businesses and citizens that violence and destruction of property will come to an end.
  • We want to UNDERSTAND why offenders are not prosecuted for breaking laws by committing violence and destruction of property.
  • We want to UNDERSTAND what is being done to reassure people that it is safe to come downtown, encouraging them to shop, explore, and enjoy the city.

United in Spirit is eager to work toward conciliation to benefit the individuals, families, businesses and, ultimately, the city.

We want to HELP the leadership of Portland RESTORE THE CITY OF PORTLAND!


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United in Spirit is made up of these organizations and groups:

Catholic Archdiocese of Portland

Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints

Islamic Society of Greater Portland

Jewish Federation of Greater Portland

Remember the Hope Christian Fellowship

Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh