11 2024

Alicia Jo Rabins & The Camas High School Choir

7:30PM - 9:30PM  

Revolution Hall 1300 SE Stark St.
Portland, OR 97214
971-808-5094 info@revhallpdx.com

$ Cost $ 20.00

"I Was A Desert: Songs of the Matriarchs" is a gorgeous, richly-textured multimedia song cycle that builds upon Rabins' long-running Girls in Trouble project, musically re-interpreting the ancient stories of women in Jewish tradition and seeking the hidden places where their lives overlap with ours today.

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With a colossal musical scale matching the power of these stories, this intergenerational, intercultural, and interdisciplinary supergroup draws from a rich palette of musical traditions including orchestral indie rock, Appalachian folk, and diasporic Jewish modalities.

Throughout the show, Rabins explores the meaning of spiritual texts in a secular world, and what it means to center women's experiences in historically patriarchal traditions. A celebration of both diasporic Jewish culture and deep intercultural connections, this show is not to be missed!

Alicia Jo Rabins (Composer/Singer/Violin) will be joined on stage by 135 singers from the Camas High School Choir, Ethan Chessin (Choir Director), musicians from Third Angle—Seth Biagini (Cello), Casey Bozell (Violin), and Kim Uwate (Viola)—and locally based, nationally known rock/folk/jazz musicians Rachel Brashear (Guitar), Matt Mayhall (Drums), and Bryn Roberts (Keyboard). Rounding out the artistic team are Jason Powers (Lead Audio Engineer), Miranda Hardy (Lighting Designer), Tahni Holt (Choreographer), Zak Margolis (Animator), John Neumann (Engraver), and Cary Clarke (Producer).