6 2021

From Antiquity to Today: Are we our mothers’ daughters?

11:00AM - 12:30PM  


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Over ten virtual sessions, the course will explore the role of women in Jewish history from heroines of the Bible to modern Jewish women born in the Russian and Soviet empires.

Wednesdays, Oct. 6 - Dec. 8
11:00 am on Zoom
Sponsored by the JFGP Women's Giving Circle
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The program will bring participants closer to their Jewish roots by exploring the connections between biblical and ancient Israeli heroines such as Miriam, Shiphrah and Puah, the daughters of Tzelofchad, Deborah, Ruth, Esther, Bruriah and Shlomzion ha Malka, and their modern counterparts like Nehama Leibowitz, Ida Nudel, Golda Meir, Rachel Bluwstein, Miriam Ben-Porat, Ida Kaminska, Lina Stern and Doris Katz Kaplan. Each session will focus on two different Jewish women throughout history, while one session will introduce a couple (male/female). The class will be taught by Yuliya Mauzer.