14 2022

Making Sense of the Israeli Election

12:00PM - 1:00PM  

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Israel recently concluded its national elections, moving from one of its most ideologically diverse coalitions to a more right-wing one. Benjamin Netanyahu is set to return as Prime Minister, and the Religious Zionism party saw major gains to become the third-largest party in the new Knesset.

 What does all of this mean for Israeli citizens? How will it affect Israel’s relationship with the US and other countries? And what does it mean for us as American Jews?

 Join us for an in-depth analysis of these questions and many more with Lahav Harkov of The Jerusalem Post.

Lahav Harkov is the Senior Contributing Editor and Diplomatic Correspondent of The Jerusalem Post. Her responsibilities include reporting on and analyzing Israel's relations with the world, the Prime Minister's office, the National Security Council, the Foreign Ministry, and more. She has interviewed major figures across the Israeli political spectrum and is well-connected to the country's top lawmakers and diplomats.

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