18 2022

"Oregon Jewish Voices," OJMCHE, Tues. Oct 18, 7PM, Zoom and in-person!

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

OJMCHE and on Zoom 724 NW Davis
Portland, OR 97209

Contact Willa Schneberg
Becca Biggs is the OJMCHE contact person.

23rd Annual Reading of Oregon Jewish Writers
Oregon Jewish Museum & Center for Holocaust Education (OJMCHE)
724 NW Davis, Portland
In person & Zoom
Tues. Oct. 18, 7PM

The "Oregon Jewish Voices" reading is now in its 23rd season!
Authors Bryna Goodman, Seth Lorinczi, Vivienne Popperl, Michael Schein & Willa Schneberg
will share their works:.

PLEASE REGISTER: https://www.ojmche.org/events/oregon-jewish-voices-2022/

Sponsor: OJMCHE