19 2018

Women's Philanthropy Introduces The Soul Box Project

10:00AM - 12:30PM  

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Women's Philanthropy Participates with Moms Demand Action and Introduces The Soul Box Project

Women’s Philanthropy invites all women (ages 14+) to participate in the Soul Box Project. The project's founder, Leslie Lee, will join us to share the Soul Box story.

The purpose of the Soul Box Project ( is to visually acknowledge the ever-growing number of gun-related deaths and injuries in the United States. The growing number of victims is nearly impossible to grasp – 168,605 from 2014-2017. Suicide by guns adds another 22,000 lives lost each year.* The Soul Box Project is a creative and thought-provoking response to these horrific losses.

At this event we'll learn how to fold origami Soul Boxes - each one representing one life torn apart by gunfire.  The boxes we make will become part of the 36,000 (the average annual number of gunfire deaths and injuries in the US) to be displayed at the Oregon State Capitol on February 15, and then join the hundreds of thoughsands that are planned to tour the nation in 2020. The goal of the Soul Box Project is to illustrate the staggering number of victims in a way that cannot be ignored by the public and providing dramatic visual support for initiatives like Moms Demand Action that are working for a safer, more civil society.   Women's Philanthropy would like to be part of the conversation, part of the cultural shift, as people are awakened to take actions that align with their concerns.

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(Space limited to 100)
At the home of Wendy Kahn
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This is a non-solicitation/no cost event