20 2019

A Blue Shabbat

6:30PM - 9:30PM  

SE Portland

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Inhale Shabbat, exhale your week. Open your mind, your heart, and your arms to community, and embrace the peace of Sabbath. The holidays and winter-time in general can be tough. Shorter, darker days, Vitamin D deficiency. Yup, our holiday season is not always easy! Lucky for our community, we can take solace in one another. Shabbat still happens during the winter, just a little bit earlier on Friday!
I would be honored to welcome you to A Blue Shabbat, where we will gather in brave space, as a compassionate tribe, vulnerable and open to the realities of Mental Health, and have the opportunity to share some #pro-tips for Self-Care over a shared meal.
We will gather in a private and intimate setting, over a home-made plant-based, healthy, hearty, and healing Shabbat dinner. Come as you are, broken or whole, and know that you are good!
Your RSVP includes a 4-course meal, challah and libations (of course), and an opportunity to make self-care bags to take home with you. If you have a tip or item you would like to share as something helpful for your own mental health, please bring one!
All are welcome, regardless of religious/spiritual affiliation. We will take some time to honor our traditions (Solstice, Chanukah, Christmas, New Years) that serve as invitations to gather and spread light into the darkness.