8 2015

Adult Hebrew FREE Sample Class

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

Congregation Neveh Shalom: Conservative 2900 SW Peaceful Lane
Portland, OR

Contact JoAnn Bezodis
503-293-7309 (Phone)
503-246-7553 (Fax)

Meet the teachers of Machon Ivrit, our Adult Hebrew Learning Course.
Check out the curriculum and get a taste of what our three levels have to offer!

Our "Starting from Scratch" level welcomes those who are NEW to Hebrew with a gentle pace. Students ease into Hebrew beginning with Alef-Bet letter recognition and decoding skills, then move on to build a basic vocabulary of words and dialog phrases. This course is a perfect first step to get a really comfortable grasp of reading, speaking, and writing in Hebrew, perfect for those wanting to be able to read road signs in Israel, the Hebrew siddur (prayerbook), or your child's Hebrew homework!  Next step course: Machon Ivrit "Ready to Read" or Siddur Basics.

Our "Ready to Read" level is for those who already have a working knowledge of the Alef-Bet, possibly with some familiarity of synagogue Hebrew (no vocabulary or comprehension skills necessary). This course begins with a faster-paced review of Alef-Bet and vowel sounds, but then gets right to the business of learning Modern Hebrew. Students will work on building a basic vocabulary, exercise dialogue skills, and learn grammar and syntax rules needed to speak Modern Hebrew.   

Our "Conversational" level is for those who are ready to expand their Hebrew skills into the practical arena of real life. Students will view and discuss modern media such as news articles, advertisements, and television shows to hone their ability to read, speak, hear and comprehend Modern Hebrew and its context in Israeli culture.      

This year we really have something for EVERYONE. Choose the level that works for you and join us this Fall!

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