17 2015

Collective Traditional Jewish Wedding

1:00PM - 2:30PM  

Congregation Neveh Shalom: Conservative 2900 SW Peaceful Lane
Portland, OR

Contact Rabbi Daniel Isaak

A Joyful Collective Opportunity for a Traditional Jewish Wedding
(for those Jewish couples who never had one): May 17, 2015

A Jewish Wedding ceremony beneath a Chuppah includes betrothal and wedding blessing over cups of wine, the transmission of a ring with the formal declaration of marriage, and the well-known breaking of a glass.  Witnesses sign the Ketubah, the commitment to fulfill marital obligations.  All rejoice over a meal together.

Many Jewish married couples never had such a ceremony.  They were married in civil ceremonies here or in the Former Soviet Union.  In some cases one of the couple converted to Judaism since the original wedding.  Some may be same sex couples who were denied a Jewish ceremony.  

On May 17 we will conduct a collective ceremony for couples who never had a traditional wedding and those who would like to take this opportunity to renew their commitment to each other.

Any Jewish couples wishing to partake in the ceremony should contact Rabbi Daniel Isaak at the earliest convenience:; 503-246-8831, x115.