31 2015

Experiencing Torah In Nature with Yismehu

12:00PM - 7:00PM  

Oral Hull Camp 4323 SE Oral Hull Road
Sandy, OR 97302

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Experiencing Torah In Nature

Yismehu’s first all-day event celebrates 5 years of delivering free Jewish learning to blind students across the nation and beyond, promotes awareness about including and meeting the needs of blind participants in Jewish community life, supports the development of Camp Yismehu, and showcases the exciting learning opportunities available for people with visual impairments through the combined efforts of Yismehu and Oral Hull Camp.

What are the planned activities?

Sensory Nature Walk : Get in touch with the natural world through the varied sights, tastes and smells awaiting your discovery in the Gardens of Enchantment.
Guided Jewish Meditation and Movement : Feel your connection to Judaism in body, mind and spirit with Rabbi Gary. 
Delicious food : A yummy vegetarian falafel and Greek salad topped off with berry-studded dessert will have you refreshed and renewed! 
Torah learning : Exploring Nature through a Jewish lens will inspire and fascinate you.
Jewish sing-along : And to wrap things up, let’s gather around the fire and sing those familiar camp favorites!

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