1 2021

J-PRo Presents: Who Knows Creative Problem Solving? With Micah Hart

11:30AM - 1:30PM  


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Every business has problems - some big, some small,some impacting everyone and some that only apply to
specific groups within. No matter what your problem is though, creative problem solving can help find a solution.
This workshop is designed to teach you the fundamental principles of creative thinking - how to look for previously
unforeseen opportunities, how to challenge assumptions, and how to create an environment that allows people to
share their best ideas and work collaboratively.

What you will get out of it:
- How to look for creative solutions
- How to facilitate a successful brainstorm
- Learn obstacles to creativity and how to avoid them

Micah Hart is the creator and host of Who Knows One?, the internet's finest Jewish gameshow born out of quarantine, as well as Campfires and Color Wars, a storytelling podcast about summer camp memories. He has nearly two decades of experience in digital and social marketing for the likes of the NBA, Atlanta Hawks, Turner Sports, and Buffalo Wild Wings, and owes much of his creative mojo to his years growing up at camp trying to make fun out of thin air. 

He and his wife and two children currently live in Atlanta, and he wants everyone to remember we are still in the middle of a pandemic, so please be kind to yourselves.