23 2016

Join the UnShul for a Second Night Passover Seder

6:00PM - 9:00PM  

Contact Portland's UnShul

Everyone is heartily invited to join the UnShul for a Second Night Passover Seder.  

Though we will be at the Q Center folks of all orientations and gender identities are welcome.  We'll focus on the varieties of liberation we've experienced for any of our diverse identities -- whether as Jews, as LGBTQ people, as Women, People of Color, Immigrants, coming out of poverty, coming out of homes with mental illness, addiction or abuse and categories not identified here!

Please bring $20 for the space and for the UnShul.
Feel free to bring your favorite Haggadah, but Rabbah D will have plenty of copies of a Haggadah to share.

Please also bring a fleish/meat potluck, so we'll be dairy free.  Please bring the following if your last name begins with:

A-B:  2 bottles of kosher juice
C-D-E: 1 bottle kosher wine
F-G-H: Charoset
I-J: Parsley and jar of horseradish
K-L: 12 hard boiled eggs
M-N: Gefilte fish
O-P: Matzah - 1 box regular, 1 gluten free
Q-R-S: Carb side dish like potatoes
T-U-V: Veggie side dish
W-X-Y-Z: Main dish - fish or chicken

RSVP's are required to UnShulAdmin@asthespiritmovesus.com