30 2015

KabShab Repeat Prep Sesh

7:30PM - 9:30PM  

beta Mikdash House 2226 NE 10th Ave
Portland, OR

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Come get ready for shabbos Thursday night at beta MIKDASH, as we learn the chants to be used in the following night's services. This special form for kabbalat shabbat, developed in Israel by Nava Tehila and recently adapted by Hebrew College rabbinical student Micah Shapiro, utilizes a prayer form in which we chant/sing just a few lines of each psalm from kabbalat shabbat on repeat, letting the words and melodies sink in deep and lift us up high. Please, come learn the music ahead of time, so you can be that much more familiar with it the following night. Coming to prepare is not only a gift you're giving yourself, but a gift you're giving to the community. When it comes time for the real thing, you will be one of the foundational people who can help ground the kahal (community) as they learn the chants for the first time. This is a really important and sacred role! It would be great if you wanted to join! Musicians are highly encouraged to bring instruments (song sheets and chords will be provided) and all are invited to bring their voices. This is a form designed for maximum participation, so don't be shy. And even if you don't plan on being there for services the following night, please come anyways, as we will be using this form throughout the summer and hopefully beyond. Plus, it should be a fun night filled with good music regardless. Also, l'chayyims will be provided. Bring more to share. As with all gatherings at beta MIKDASH, as you are able, please try to arrive by some means other than car. If you're driving, do not park directly in front of the house, but spread out on the adjacent streets. Thanks! https://mikdashportland.squarespace.com/config#/pages|/events/2015/7/2/kabshab-prep-sesh