6 2016

Mystical Aromatherapy with Avraham Sand

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Havurah Shir Hadash PO Box 1262
Ashland, OR

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Master aromatherapist Avraham Sand will offer a two hour presentation entitled Aromatherapy: A Mystical Study of Fragrance

The presentation will be held at the Havurah Synagogue, 185 North Mountain Avenue in Ashland. There is no fee for the presentation, but a free will donation is appreciated. Call 541-488-7716 for more info or visit his website at www.avaroma.com.

Avraham Sand is a pioneer educator and a world leader in organic essential oils. This will be his fourth presentation in Ashland of his unique system of fragrance testing, the most accurate and reliable process to precisely determine the correct formulation of oils for any health condition.

The workshop is experiential, and Avraham will demonstrate and teach about the impact of more than a dozen key essential oils. Participants will learn how to use the sense of small to choose the correct aromatherapy oils, and will gain insight into using oils for massage, bath, inhalation, and organic perfumes.

Rabbi David Zaslow say, “Each year Avraham comes to the United States from his home in Israel to share his incredible wisdom about aromatherapy that is rooted in the Bible. Whether you are a professional massage therapist, or just someone who wants to enjoy oils this is a presentation not to be missed.” Avraham’s acclaimed book Mystical Aromatherapy will be on sale along with a selection of his organic oils. Avraham Sand’s website is www.avaroma.com

Check out his video for his aromatherapy course

Sponsor: Havurah Shir Hadash