10 2020

OneTable Live | Camp OneTable Movie Night: The Parent Trap

Camp OneTable is in session! Join us after Shabbat ritual on Instagram for an end-of-week movie viewing party. We're gathering to watch The Parent Trap (LiLo edition, duh) because summer just wouldn't feel right without a lil installment of 1990s nostalgia and Camp Walden / Napa / London Hallie and Annie mischief. We'll be streaming the film so all you have to do is grab your oreos + peanut butter (or, alt-nut-butter of your choice, in the true sleepaway summer camp spirit) and get comfy. All are welcome - even if it's your first time viewing this gem. Join our zoom at 5pm PST/8pm EST for the early screening and 8pm PST/11pm EST for a late night romp.