5 2017

Oregon Kosher Community Kashering

3:00PM - 7:00PM  

Portland Kollel 6688 SW Capitol HWY
Portland, OR 97219
5033433497 info@oregonkosher.org

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Oregon Kosher Community Kashering

Oregon Kosher is pleased to provide the opportunity to the community to kasher their keilim for Pesach, a service that we have been providing for many years now. We will be offering this service Wednesday, April 5th, from 3pm-7pm at the Portland Kollel. Please see the guidelines below on how to prepare your vessels for kashering and what vessels are eligible for our service.

Utensils being brought in for kashering must be completely clean. All food particles, dirt, grime, etc. must be removed prior to kashering, otherwise the kashering will not be effective. Utensils made of two parts with a joint must be taken apart, and the joint must be cleaned well to be able to kasher.

24 Hours
The utensils being brought in for kashering must not have been used within 24 hours of the kashering. Please ensure that they are left un-used for 24 hours before bringing them in.

Materials That Can Be Kashered
Wood, stone, bone, and all metals (gold, silver, copper, steel, aluminum, etc.). We can kasher plastic, rubber, and nylon; however, it should be noted that many halachic authorities hold that those materials cannot be kashered for Pesach.

Materials That Cannot Be Kashered
Glass (including Pyrex, Duralex, etc.), enamel, porcelain, china (earthenware), and Teflon.

Other Items That We Cannot Kasher
Baking trays and pans, BBQ grills, frying pans, a spit, a Shabbos kettle.

What Does Not Require Kashering
Aluminum pans, new utensils.

Sponsor: Oregon Kosher, Portland Kollel