19 2017

PDX Community Hackathon Shabbat Dinner

6:00PM - 8:30PM  

Mittleman Jewish Community Center 6651 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR

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Join us for a festive and fun camp-style Shabbat dinner to kick off the weekend!

Your chance to network with other young adults in the community and start this weekend of community teamwork... free

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The PDX Community Hackathon is centered on an energizing event that convenes a diverse array of local stakeholders to generate, prototype, and pitch solutions to a shared challenge.  The challenge our community Hackathon is addressing is how to create sustained engagement of young Jewish adults throughout the greater Portland area.  The methodology encourages collaboration and breaks down barriers, while fostering a creative and experimental environment.   At our Hackathon, the participants don’t just talk about solutions: they build them, in cross-functional teams that represent a variety of perspectives.  The result is a more connected community whose members design the programs and services they wish to see.  Team proposals will be voted on by a panel of judges and receive funding for implementation.  

Join us for a special Shabbat dinner to kick off the weekend! It's a chance to network with other young adults in the community and to start the fun!

Sponsors: Community Hackathon PDX, The Covenant Foundation, OneTable, Upstart, the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland, B'nai B’rith Camp, Chabad, Congregation Beth Israel, Congregation Neveh Shalom,  Jews Next Dor,  Kollel, Mittleman Jewish Community Center, Moishe House, OJCF Giving Council, Oregon Jewish Museum & Center for Holocaust Education, PDX Pathways, Portland Jewish Academy