19 2018

Shabbat Dinner at Gesher - Rabbi Laurie's and Rabbi Gary's open home

6:00PM - 9:00PM  

Gesher welcomes singles, couples and families with children of all ages to

Celebrate Shabbat with Shabbat Dinner at Gesher

Shabbat is an island of being in a world of doing.  To get the island, you need a bridge (a gesher).  Rabbi Laurie Rutenberg and Rabbi Gary Schoenberg's home is called Gesher, because it is a bridge.  It provides a feast, with candlelight, melody, nourishing food, meaningful conversation and a joyful experience to begin Shabbat and deepen your Jewish experience.  

We will be welcoming Shabbat guests at 6:00, but we invite you to arrive as early as 5:00 to learn about and help prepare for Shabbat in our kitchen.  This is a festive vegetarian pot-luck, with a special welcome for those new to Shabbat at home, and those looking for deeper ways to connect their home with community.



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