19 2017

Singles and Couples Hanuka Celebration at Gesher

6:00PM - 8:30PM  

Gesher: A Bridge Home (Outreach and Welcome to Unaffiliated Jews) 10701 SW 25th Avenue
Portland, OR

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Singles and Couples Hanuka Celebration at Gesher
Adults Only Last Night of Hanukah Celebration

Especially for those of us yearning to find ways to find more light in our lives or to share our light with others.  Join Rabbi Laurie and Rabbi Gary of Gesher in their home for homemade latkes, donuts, Shikker Rebbe wine or Sober Rabbi Grape Juice, very festive potluck vegetarian dinner, a meaningful conversation about our journey through this season (and world) of diminished light, and the ways we can savor the light.

RSVP is a MUST at or 503 246-5070. No cost. Donations appreciated.