28 2021

Families with Younger Children Seder at Noon

12:00PM - 12:45PM  


Contact Rabbi Laurie Rutenberg

Rabbi Laurie and Rabbi Gary of Gesher in Portland will lead a Seder for Families with Younger Children

On Sunday, March 28 at Noon.

Come along with Rabbi Gary as Moses and Rabbi Laurie as Miriam,  on Zoom, by Dressing Up with your children in “Slave Clothing/Costumes,” to participate in Gesher’s story-telling based Passover Seder as we “leave Egypt” together. (On Zoom)

Please also have these items ready:

—3 pieces of Matza - wrapped in a special bag or napkin if you have. If not, a paper napkin is fine.

—A serving of Some food to represent spring time that you think your children will like to eat: for example parsley, - asparagus, edible flowers, boiled  small spiring potatoes.

—Just a tiny taste of something that your children would find bitter, or would make them say “Yuck” - to taste just one bite.  You can use the traditional horseradish, or a piece of bitter lettuce, or use your imagination…

— Charoset. The mixture of any dried fruit, fresh fruit and nuts, usually flavored with cinnamon (perhaps also ginger) that you think your family will enjoy- chopped and mixed together, and sweetened with honey and a splash of grape juice or a tiny splash of wine. (Most American Jews use apples, walnuts, honey, cinnamon, and wine and maybe raisins, but all variations of the above recipe are possible.)

RSVP is necessary to

Gesher will send you a Zoom invitation upon receiving your RSVP.

Questions? Call Rabbi Laurie at 503 246-5070 (by Friday before 6:30 pm)

No charge.  Donations to Gesher are appreciated, but noat necessary.