18 2019

Pre-Passover Treasure Hunt: Bedikat Chametz and Bonfire

7:00PM - 7:45PM  

Contact Rabbi Laurie Rutenberg

Pre-Passover Treasure Hunt: Bedikat Chametz and Bonfire:  

This is a short evening fun celebration!  Both a physical and a spiritual search  in preparation to celebrate Passover. In order to clear our homes of all remaining leavening - which is forbidden on Passover - we take a candle and a feather and search for remaining bread crumbs (as well as tasty treats) that may just happen to have been "left around."  We then eat as much as we can, quickly, and make a bon-fire in which to burn the remaining vestiges of what makes our souls "puff up," just like leavening does to flour in the process of making bread.  

Fun and meaningful for Kids and Adults.  

RSVP and more info at www.ourjewishhome.org