4 2016

Secrets of Jewish Parenting: Raising Kids to LOVE Being Jewish

7:30PM - 9:30PM  

Portland Kollel 6688 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR

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$ Cost $ 18.00

Presentation by Doron Kornbluth, bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker whose articles, newsletter, books, and international seminars and talks help inspire Jewish identity.

Join us for an entertaining, interactive, and easy-to-remember and  implement seminar for parents and grandparents. Through incredible stories, jokes, and exercises, this talk has literally been life-changing for audiences world-wide, and helped parents get more involved Jewishly- for themselves and their kids.

The Five Principles:
(1) Role Modeling -You CAN do it
(2) Get the kids active in Jewish-ness
(3) Importance of Jewish education
(4) Jewish community and Israel
(5) Overall Attitude: Jewish Pride and Joy!

Questions and subjects included:
"We're not religious. How do we keep our kids Jewish?"
Principles & Practical Tips
"Our family is not exactly typical. .. "
"We're intermarried but raising the kids as Jews ... "
Dealing with holidays and lifecycle events

Tickets are $18; Join us by RSVPing here