16 2017

Two Worlds: A Rock & Soul Selichot Experience

8:00PM - 9:30PM  

Congregation Neveh Shalom
Stampfer Chapel 2900 SW Peaceful Lane
Portland, OR 97239
503-246-8831 (Phone)
503-246-7553 (Fax)

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Selichot at Neveh Shalom

8:00pm: Wine and Cheese
8:30pm: Selichot Service


There was a time not so long ago when people would come to synagogues at midnight, dressed to the nines for the Selichot service. The music was beautiful and elegant, informed by the best of opera and chazzanut. But times change. Fashions change. Music changes. People stopped coming because the service wasn’t opening up their souls--they couldn’t connect. Enter Two Worlds: A Rock and Soul Selichot Experience. This year, our Selichot service that will capture the best part of tradition and feature some of the most beloved High Holiday melodies sung by our new cantor, Eyal Bitton.

Rabbi Kosak and Cantor Bitton will open up some of the themes of Selichot through contemporary rock and pop music. These bands and artists confront our human imperfections through their music. In our day, they give expression to our striving, forgiving and seeking. If you’ve never come to a Selichot service, this is a great chance to come with your family, bring a date, and prepare for the High Holidays in a moving, meaningful way.

FREE of charge. For more information, please contact the Neveh Shalom offices at 503-246-8831.