26 2021

A Community Call to Confront Hate

9:00AM - 1:00PM  


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In this time of national and local reckoning with our country and state’s grim legacy of discrimination and hate, we have come together as a broad coalition of partner organizations and allies to create a virtual summit. A Community Call to Confront Hate is the culmination of a collaborative effort by several local area organizations that previously presented webinars on the history of discrimination and bigotry in Oregon.

We have witnessed a groundswell of people ready to stand in solidarity with those who are targets of discrimination and bigotry—people who are eager to listen, to learn, and to take action to make the Pacific Northwest a place that truly protects the lives, well-being, and dignity of all who live here. Participants will learn about implicit bias and have the opportunity to learn from breakout sessions that will deal with current issues around racism, antisemitism and other forms of hate. Most importantly, presenters will share their expertise on the strategies, resources and tools to help participants translate their commitment to social justice and equity into effective social action.

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