LGBTQ Mission Blog

Follow members of PDX's LGBTQ community on their historic mission to Israel

Jewish members of the LGBTQ community from across the United States embarked on the groundbreaking See Israel with Pride mission on May 26. The Jewish Federation of Greater Portland organized a Portland delegation with Ted Nelson chairing the Portland Organizing Committee. Of the 100 mission participants from around the country, Portland’s delegation of seven was a substantial part of the group. You can read more about their journey in this profile from Oregon Jewish Life.

Our delegates included Ted Nelson of Congregation Beth Israel; Beth Milliner and Liza Milliner of Congregation Neveh Shalom; Sandra Simon and Amy Page of Cedar Sinai Park; and Carmella Ettinger and Ruth Thomas of Havurah Shalom.


Eretz Yisrael

by Carmella Ettinger & Ruth Thomas

We are writing while looking out at the Mediterranean Sea, one of the most beautiful sites in the world. We started these amazing two weeks overlooking the City of Jerusalem, a very different and still definitely, also one of the most beautiful sites in t…

Never a Bystander

by Beth Milliner

The morning brought with it a visit to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. You first enter the museum, a modest concrete triangular building with no windows to give the sense of entering a tomb. The interior is quite dark with only a strip of skylight running down the center of the bu…

Masada and Dead Sea

by Ted Nelson

At 08.00, in the quiet city on Saturday morning, our two buses departed for Masada and the Dead Sea from the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem.  At 08.30, we hit Sea Level and continued our trip that would take us to the earth’s lowest point at 1400 feet below sea level. Our…

Building Kehillah

by Sandra Simon

Yesterday, we went ATVing and spent time at different locations learning about current security issues - what struck me the most was not the specifics of the day, but how the difference between letting loose and having playful time with the ATV coupled with the somber inform…

Preparing for Shabbat

by Liza Milliner

In Hebrew school I was always taught that Shabbat was one of the most important holidays, yet Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur always seemed more important.  For those holidays, you prepare; new clothes, special dinners, special foods, family gatherings, etc.  For Shabbat, whic…