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JFGP's Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) develops and articulates consensus positions concerning matters of public importance on behalf of its constituency. It is the public affairs coordinating and advisory body for the organized Jewish community of NW Oregon and SW Washington.

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The JCRC advocates on issues of great importance to the Jewish community in the areas of social justice, civil rights, the environment, Israel and more. Read more on the current issues supported by JCRC.


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Principles on Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism
(Adopted November 8, 2017 by the JCRC)

The principles enunciated below represent the consensus of the Greater Portland Jewish community. They stand as a touchstone for what we, as Jews, believe to be fundamental ideals of decency, opposition to any type of anti-Semitism, and our unwavering support for Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.


Therefore, the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC):


  • Condemns the rise in anti-Semitism and racism in the U.S. from all sources, including but not limited to white supremacists, neo-Nazis and other hate groups espousing racial superiority.


  • Condemns the upsurge in anti-Semitism on U.S. college campuses as documented by two major studies: Louis D. Brandeis Center/Trinity College (2015) and the Amcha Initiative (2016); supports the right of all university students to a secure campus life, free from threats of physical violence and intimidation.


  • Supports the right of the Jewish people to national self-determination while also affirming support for the goal of achieving lasting peace and security for both the Israeli and Palestinian people.


  • Recognizes that anti-Semitism, which typically is expressed as assertions of prejudice and intolerance toward Jewish people and culture, is also at times manifested or implied in expressions of anti-Zionism.


  • Condemns in the strongest terms all efforts to delegitimize and demonize Israel while acknowledging that legitimate criticism of Israeli policies is not inherently anti-Semitic.


  • Rejects calls for academic boycotts of Israeli universities and scholars—or any academic boycott based on ethnicity or nationality—as a fundamental violation of the bedrock principle of academic freedom.


  • Recognizes the long history of friendship between Israel and the States of Oregon and Washington based on economic, cultural and academic collaboration and exchange.

Election Day is November 6, 2018

VOTE NO Ballot Measures 103,104 and 105! 
We believe these measures will negatively impact the Jewish Community and the Greater Portland community should they pass and want to  share the consensus of the organized Jewish community. 
Measure 103 – This measure is completely unnecessary and so vaguely written that it would apply to far more than conventional grocery retailers (e.g., hospitals). Oregon doesn’t have a sales tax on groceries and no one is proposing one. We shouldn’t be wasting time and money amending Oregon’s Constitution to prohibit a tax that doesn’t exist. Moreover, a provision in the measure would make Measure 103 retroactive to September 2017, which means it could repeal part of the Medicaid funding Oregon voters overwhelmingly approved this year to protect families from losing their healthcare. Vote NO.
Measure 104 – This measure would require a 3/5 legislative supermajority for any revenue increase, including, for example, state park and state board of nursing fees(there is already a supermajority requirement for tax increases). It would create gridlock in Salem and would jeopardize funding for essential services, such as Medicaid and programs to combat hunger. Vote NO.
Measure 105 – This measure to repeal Oregon’s 1987 inclusivity law (ORS 181A.820) is spearheaded by a local anti-immigrant hate group called Oregonians for Immigration Reform. The 1987 law prohibits the use of state and local resources to enforce federal immigration law (with exceptions for immigrants charged with criminal offenses). If the measure passes, we are likely to see an increase in racial profiling and even the separation of families based on perceived immigration status. Vote NO.



  • We're Advocating for You

    We lobbied to maintain funding for Medicaid, enact legislation to combat hunger, end wage theft, put in place common sense gun control, and garner opposition to the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

  • Buy Israeli Goods

    The JCRC’s Israel Advocacy Subcommittee promotes the strengthening of US-Israel ties and is currently focusing on countering the global movement to delegitimize Israel through boycotts and divestment. You can help by purchasing Israeli goods in our area.

  • Oregon and SW Washington

    Congressional Delegation - Find your senators and representatives for Oregon and SW Washington here. Information provided by Govtrack.us

  • Jewish Holiday Calendar

    The Jewish religion celebrates a number of special days of observance. Because these dates occur according to the Jewish calendar, we provide our local school districts with this calendar to help limit scheduling of important school activities on days when many Jewish kids will be absent. Use it as a reference or send to your school!


Working Hard for the Jewish Northwest

JCRC develops and articulates consensus positions concerning matters of public importance on behalf of its constituency. It is the public affairs coordinating and advisory body for the organized Jewish community of NW Oregon and SW Washington. 


The JCRC seeks to promote mutual understanding among all groups in the greater community and to advance democratic pluralism, harmonious relationships, and respect for human dignity and individual rights across religious, racial, and ethnic lines. The JCRC consists of a cross-section of Portland Jewry representing area organizations and synagogues.


If you like assessing current issues and developing strategies to further the interest of your community, JCRC invites you to get involved. Interested in learning more about JCRC and its committees? Contact Director of Community Relations, Bob Horenstein at 503-245-6496.


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The Interfaith Coalition for Dignity, which was formed under the leadership of the JCRC to counter the current climate of hate, meets with Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler on October 18, 2017