30 2018

Intro to Judaism

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Location varies among local synagogues

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Intro to Judaism

The Oregon Board of Rabbis “Intro to Judaism Class,” Fall 2018 Session begins Thurs, Aug. 30

This 18-week course is taught by members of The Oregon Board of Rabbis, representing a variety of Jewish affiliation. A carefully constructed curriculum includes Jewish history, life cycle events, holidays, ritual and daily practice, theology, study of Torah and contemporary Jewish America.

This class, in itself, is not a conversion class. Students come from a variety of backgrounds: some are Jews reclaiming their heritage, some are people on a spiritual journey and/or interested in converting to Judaism, all want to learn more about the Jewish faith and what it has to offer. While not a conversion class, most members of The Oregon Board of Rabbis consider this course a prerequisite for students beginning study for conversion.

The course fee is $360 (per student or per couple sharing materials) and includes a Chumash (Hebrew/English Bible), a notebook of reference materials, as well as supplementary material distributed throughout the course. Classes are held on Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm, with the location rotating among synagogues in the Greater Portland area.

For more information about the course and registration contact JoAnn Bezodis, Class Facilitator, or 971-248-5465.

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